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Rooke Custom Home Builder

Tonya & Mike Heckendorn

We encountered a fire at our rental house. It was a complete loss. Per our request, Michael came to us with a few house plans. We chose one and we were off. He was extremely accommodating when we decided to add a window and change flooring during the building process. It was amazing at how quickly everything come together. He was very courteous and professional, and we had a great working relationship. The completed house was absolutely beautiful. He used nice upgrade features that you would not likely receive from a pre-planned community builder. He was awesome because he really cared about the final outcome. We would definitely hire him again!

Rudy Fu

After doing some research about custom home builders in the Charleston area, I stumbled upon Michael and decided to work with him after I had a look at one of his previous projects. Now, a year later, I would not hesitate a second to make the same decision again. He takes full ownership of a project, builds great quality homes, accommodates all special requests and most importantly: No matter what might come up (and there’s always unforeseen things coming up when building a house) he stays calm and works patiently to resolve the situation. Highly recommended!

Rooke Custom Home Builders
Rooke Custom Home Builders

Katie Jones

My husband and I recently purchased a home from Rooke Homes and couldn’t be happier with it and our experience. We are second-time home buyers and were attracted to the work of Rooke Homes found in one of the homes we were shown by our realtor. We found that the overall quality and attention to detail were superior to that of the big ‘cookie-cutter’ builder. Michael Rooke was a pleasure to work with and he took great care in making us happy. What would be considered extra by some builders was standard with Rooke Homes. My parents, owners of a number of homes over the years from Miami, to West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Asheville, and Savannah, custom built to previously owned, were impressed by the craftsmanship and ‘standard’ inclusions. We highly recommend Rooke Builders to prospective home buyers/builders – you will not be disappointed!

Wendy Allison

“Build Your Dream Custom Home” – those were the words promised to me and they turned out to be true! Michael Rooke was recommended to me and not knowing anything about building a home, I went ahead and am glad I did! Michael’s biggest asset is his patience, I had a lot of change orders and he patiently worked through them keeping calm all the while. I especially appreciated his crews, each and every one, were expert in their fields and super nice to deal with and believe me I was at the site every day keeping an eye on things. Building a home is an all-consuming activity and requires patience, delays can be expected and it’s important to stay calm and go with the flow. Michael’s coolness under pressure, attention to detail, and his sense of humor and expertise on the job were all greatly appreciated. At the end of the project we are still friends and I’m thrilled with my beautiful new home.

Rooke Custom Home Builders
Rooke Custom Home Builders

Mario DelSignore

I was contemplating from moving from a two-story house to a smaller, one story house. After I visited my sister and her husband in their new house, I was determined to take action. Their builder had an empty wooded lot next to their home. I then decided to talk with a Realtor, Loren Vevon, for the process of selling and building a new home with Michael Rooke, a custom home builder. An initial meeting was held to consider a particular floor plan and we discussed initial modifications. Michael noted the annotations and a second meeting was planned to discuss the cost of these changes. He was very accommodating for the changes I requested. Throughout the build, several meetings were held to discuss other change orders and Michael quickly provided pricing for those changes. Additionally, if something couldn’t be done, he was quick to inform me. The local suppliers used for kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and flooring had the standard items to choose from, but also had a wide selection of alternative choices. These suppliers were very professional and knowledgeable. The on-site workers were also very courteous and helpful. I had an understanding with Michael that he would provide the cost of upgrades for me to approve. This build truly became my custom home. The process of having the home built was a fun, positive project with meaningful discussions of progress and changes. I am very pleased with the overall building process by Rooke Custom Homes and highly recommend him!